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Puleo & Puleo LLC is your full service real estate closing law firm.

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Dedicated to Serving You

Our history of client dedication goes back 40 years and continues the quality of support we’ve built our reputation on. From reasonable price to stress-free, hassle-free meetings and scheduling flexibility, we strive to simplify every step of the process. We ensure comprehensive asset protection in Buffalo and surrounding areas.

Trustworthy Attorneys & Staff

When you’re looking for a law firm to put your needs first, Puleo & Puleo LLC is the right choice. Starting with the initial offer and progressing through the closing of the transaction, our attorneys and staff remain available to guide and protect your best interests. Our attorneys handle nearly every type of real estate transaction and dispute, including business formation, wills, and estate planning, document preparation, and commercial development.

Real Estate Law Services

Puleo & Puleo LLC offers a diversified approach to real estate law for both residential and commercial transactions. Maximizing the potential of negotiations, purchasing, development, and safeguarding assets, we realize your personal objectives. As soon as you decide to buy or sell, give Puleo & Puleo LLC a call at 716-836-7111, and we will begin working for you. We return inquiries promptly and provide knowledge and integrity of service across Buffalo, NY.

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